Things to Know before a Summer Holiday Trip

It’s coming! That fun-filled, tan-possible, alarm-clock-free season is around the corner. Yeah, Summer is coming! Many of us have tons of places we want to go to. Will we just up and go somewhere (Vegas, for example)? Well we could do that but that would affect our holiday negatively.

If you want to have a beautiful, memorable, stress-free, fun-filled summer vacation, there are a few things you must bear in mind and actually do.

Tips for a great Summer Vacation

Follow these tips to experience an awesome summer vacation:

Organize your luggage:

You can do this by starting a luggage checklist at least two weeks before the trip so that nothing is forgotten. While online checklists will be helpful, they are not generally sufficient, therefore, make a list that is peculiar to you and add every item as you remember them. Also, research on the destination so that you’ll know the kinda clothing and cosmetics to put in, it may be summer but some regions are hotter than others. Remember to take

  • Less liquid
  • Stick to the luggage weight limit provided by the airport).
  • Roll your clothes to create more space.
  • Leave enough room to accommodate your vacation purchases.
  • No need to pack cosmetics that are available at the destination.
  • Miscellaneous items (just in case)
  • Tag your bag/box to avoid misplacement.



The rules about this are tricky and subject to individual because, while it is important to book early to avoid disappointments, it is a fact that prices are at their lowest during last minute bookings. Well, I would recommend the former but if your budget is low then you have to be really smart and informed to do that latter.

Also, do not take hotel reviews hook, line and sinker. They may not be true


Contracting a travel agent to handle the planning palaver is somewhat expensive but it slowed a lot of problems and allows time to concentrate on other things. They have the necessary expertise and connection to give you the beautiful experience you deserve. However, be sure to hire a reputable agent, not everyone who is called a “travel agent” can do the job.

Budget Stretching:

It is important to stretch your budget to accommodate unforeseen circumstances so ensure that you take excess funding, it is necessary. Nothing is as frustrating as getting stranded in a vacation destination, it kills the fun and scars you.


This is the major issue. You don’t want to go off walking on your own in a strange land. While you could wait until you arrive to hire a car or driver to handle your local transportation, you may not have ample information to guide you in deciding what company to hire from. So I present a solution –  Rental24h

Using a car rental application

This company has been in existence for a while and provides cogent information on different Cars hire companies worldwide. In addition to this, one can compare prices and car types and see reviews on almost every Car Rental service in each country it covers. It covers over 30 countries in the various continents including United States of America, Canada, France, South Africa, Australia, Italy, Spain, the United Arab Emirates. The company also has offers for young drivers (under-21 and under-25 drivers in the USA).

Benefits of Patronizing Rental24h

  • It is a fast, easy and reliable means of booking/hiring cars and drivers in holiday destinations.
  • You can cancel or amend your bookings at no extra cost!
  • No hidden charges, what you see is what you pay!
  • Breakdown assistance to customers such that they are available to provide mechanical repairs to the hired cars if they break down while in your possession.
  • All cars have got complete insurance.
  • Additional driver, free GPS and other bonuses.
  • Book now, pay later option is available.
  • They only provide info on popular/reputable cars hire companies.
  • They are reliable.

Summer vacations are a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. The fun, the tan, the new friends and the entire experience of a new culture and location are worth looking forward to. Don’t spoil it by going for some random transportation service provider who may be totally unreliable. Download Rental24h app today and place your orders and bookings.